Date added: 11/Dec/2017

Excavations at Catalhuyuk,Turkey, the first town so far discovered in the world.

Whirling dervishes during Sema ceremony

Date added: 11/Dec/2017

Whirling dervishes during a Sema ceremony seen at the Mavlana Museum, Konya, Turkey


Date added: 22/Feb/2017

For my book 'The Philosopher's Stone: A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy'


Date added: 04/Feb/2012

This gallery will show pictures of megaliths taking during the voyage from Orkney to Malta for the book 'Europe's Lost Civilization'.

Sailing in the Aegean

Date added: 30/Jun/2009

Taken while sailing from the Aegean to the Sea of Marmara and Istanbul. The gallery is under construction.