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(London, 2006) paperback ISBN 0-7472-4203-8

'If you are fascinated by megaliths as I am, this beautifully written story of a 4000-mile journey... will be as refreshing as a long holiday.'

Colin Wilson, Independent on Sunday, chosen as 'Book of the Year'

'An adventure story and genuine historical work in one vastly fascinating volume... Marshall is a scholar and a visionary and you will find his infectious enthusiasm hard to resist.'

Steve Craggs, The Northern Echo

'A book that is part Paul-Theroux style narrative, part endurance adventure and part historical investigation... Its tremendously, powerfully thought-provoking.'

Mick Middles, Manchester Evening News

'highly acclaimed'

Geoff Ward, Western Daily Press

'An epic sea voyage...that the rest of us can only dream about. Much more than a travel book... its real value is that it links [the major megalithic sites] and suggests that there was a common pan-European civilisation made possible by sea travel. Peter Marshall's research is thorough and sound...This books is vital.'

Peter Herring, The Megalithic Portal

'An intellectual adventure combined with an exciting 4000-mile voyage under sail.'

The Good Book Guide

'An intriguing read... Though certainly scholarly, Peter is unafraid to dive into the more mystical cultures that to this day exist around these monuments.'

Gillian Molesworth, Western Morning News

'Marshall's journey is an undoubted success... [He]states his convictions with passion and eloquence.'

Andy Worthington, Fortean Times

'A fascinating story brilliantly told.'

Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods

Who built the megaliths and why?

What messages are encoded in the ruins of their spectacular monuments?

What light do they throw on our origins and ourselves?

To answer these questions, Peter Marshall sailed in a small boat from Scotland to Malta and visited all the major megalithic sites on the way. The result is this beautifully written, thought-provoking account. During his epic quest and 4000-mile voyage, Marshall comes up with some startling conclusions and his well-researched book - part adventure story and part historical detective work - is passionate, eloquent and lyrical.